All who have been Baptized in childhood, or as adults, should, after careful preparation, renew their baptismal vows in a mature and public affirmation of faith, commit themselves to share in the Lord's ministry in and through His Church, and recieve the Laying on of Hands by the Bishop of the Diocese of Brandon.  We see this symbol of growth in the realization of our Baptism as being an important step for all members of our fellowship including those who may have become commmmunicants in childhood.


Some Basic Understandings:


Generally understood, Confirmation means the "Laying on of Hands" by the Bishop of the Diocese of Brandon, separate from the Baptismal Rite, but related to it in the same sense that the baptismal covenant is being confirmed.


We affirm that Confirmation is a rite properly administered only to one who, after mature consideration, earnestly desires to share more fully in the Church's Ministtry.  It consists in a re-affirmation of the baptismal promises and prayer for strengthening in the Spirit through the Episcopal "Laying on of Hands".  This Historic use of Confirmation is the appropriate way of confirming the Baptism administered to one not old enough to answer for themselves, and should continue to be strongly encouraged as a normal component of Christian nurture and growth.


We do not wish to see Confirmation emptied of meaning or left without a purpose; rather we wish to see it established with its own integrity and enriched use.  To ensure that this is accomplished, we will hold sessions to prepare those that are ready for Confirmation, regardless of whether the individual is receiving communion or not.


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