Events Calendars

Christ Church Parish Hall Calendar of Events

The Calendar on the right is all about the events that are carried out at Christ Chruch Parish Hall.  Not all of these events are sponsored by Christ Church, some are from the groups carrying out their own Ministry, others are from the Community using the church hall as a location. 

Christ Church Sanctuary Use

 Calendar of Events

The Calendar on the left is all about the use of the Sanctuary at Christ Chruch.  Not all of these uses are services of Christ Church, some are from the Devon Mission Heritage Museum and other groups from the Community using the church sanctuary as a location. 


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Our Heritage Plaque

This is the second Honour our Church has received in regards to our Historical standings. The First is the Plaque to commemorate the Reverend Henry Budd (Sr) from Manitoba Heritage Society. It is also located by the Riverside entrance to the Church.

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