Guidelines for Admission of Childen to First Communion

Our Policy

  1. In 1984, Christ Church Vestry made a motion to follow the Diocesan Guidelines and began to prepare and accept children younger the Confirmation age to Holy Communion with the following provisions:

    • Children must be Baptized and regular in attendance

    • At least one Parent/Sponsor/Godparent is a regular communicant

    • The parent's request it.

    • The young person and the family take part in appropriate instruction under the Minister's supervision

    • The Minister is satisfied the young person is ready

  2. Children will be admitted at a major Communion Service

  3. It is hoped that all children will continue their education through and beyond Confirmation

  4. Families still have the option of waiting for Confirmation of their young person before admittance to Holy Communion.

Parents, Sponsors, and Godparents Responsibilities


As in Baptism, the parents, sponsors, and godparents are encouraged to participate in a First Communion Preparation session and with the day of acceptance of the new communicants' First Communion during the Service.  This is because there is an intrinsic relationship between Baptism and the Eucharist; the Eucharist is a repeatable part of baptism and is an extension of the preparation of Confirmation.


The beginning to recieve Holy Communion is an important step to be taken when we are ready - not just because a siblings or friends are doing it.  Our young people grow spiritually at different rates, and it is important that the parents be aware of their child's readiness to understand what Eucharist is all about.  For more information or to book an appointment.

Question to Ask for Deciding:


  1. Why does this young person want to take part in Holy Communion?

  2. How ready is this young person in their maturity to understand some of the basic concepts of who Jesus is and what it means to be a Christian?

  3. What are your atitudes as parents, sponsors, and godparents about the place of Holy Communionin your life?


The following prayer could be helpful as you and the young person considers participating in Holy Communion:


Lord Jesus, You want me to come to your table

Help and guide me to know when I am ready to come to your table

Help me to know when is the right time for me to join in the meal

However I decide, May I always be blessed by your love



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