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Anglican Church Women / Christ Church Ladies:


Teas and Craft Sale

We hold 3 Teas each year. They help celebrate special times of the year, and are listed as follows: Thanksgiving Tea and Bake Sale

   Christmas Tea and Craft Sale

   Easter Tea and Bake Sale. 


Soup and Sandwiches Lunches

Our once a month Lunches are held on the 3rd (third) Friday of the month (except for the months of the Teas) from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.  Check out the                                of Christ Church Parish Hall.


Small Group Catering (onsite only)

We are able to cater to small groups that are using the Parish Hall, as there is a fully functional kitchen in our building.  If you are looking for this type of gathering please let our Hall Coordinator know or include it in your message in the

Hall CoOrdinator and Bookings


Our Parish hall is available for use by members of the community, there is a schedule and booking for use can be made by phone at (204) 623-2119 or click               



We do not have a set rate for the use of our Parish Hall but we do have a suggested and recommend Donation to help off-set our expenses to operate our hall, these suggestions can be found on the                                             page.  Please refer to these for guidelines on usage.  



Vacation Bible School

Each year, we strive to hold a Vacation Bible School Event, depending on volunteer availability.

These events are set to theme and they are different from year to year.  There is a small

registration fee per child with family rates available.  The focus of these themes is to build

a better relationship among our youth towards others and themselves.  Follow our Facebook 

page for time and themes or check out our



Christ Church Outreach, and other Groups

Men In Aprons

The Men in Aprons (MiA) is part of our community involvement and more information can be found on our                                 .

This is a freewill offering Fundraising Breakfast.  The menu is always different and it is held one Sunday of each month from September to June, with an exception for February.  Follow our Facebook page  for time and menu.  Our goal is to assist as many groups as possible by sharing the blessings we have received, and by feeding the many with a few "Men in Aprons".  This has been a wonderful ministry for all to share.  We create 9                                                breakfast per year, and the funds are distributed on a rotation to consist of 3 fundraiser for Christ Church                                           Ministry, 3 fundraisers for the community of The Pas/OCN, and 3 for the broader Community                                                  throughout the world.  The list of organization that have received from these blessing are numerous.  They                                           include but not limited to: Cancer Society, The Pas Handivan, ShelterBox Canada, OCN Hamper Drive,                                        Northern Gateway Chaplaincy, Oscar Place (Homeless Shelter), Local Soup Kitchen, Women Shelter, and                                           many more over the last 5 years.


Our breakfast has a variety of menus, and the cost is based on a free-will offering, there truly is no set price per person.  All funds are distributed 100%, to those who serve to other as the example above, if you are interested in joining the Men in Aprons, joining us for breakfast or want to see who God is allowing us to assist (for who we are raising fund for) please contact us at (204) 623-2119

Environmental Ministry

This Ministry looks at the 3 Rs' (Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle) for our community.  We hold an annual yard sale to help do this.  The items are many and various.  This is usually held on the 1st Saturday of May just before Mothers day.  The date of this event can be found on our                                  .


Music Ministry

Christ Church Choir, We are looking for new members to join in singing praises during Worship.

Special Services Choir (Funerals, etc.) This is by request of the family through the Funeral Home

Special Concerts in the past we have held special concert to help with our misitries and all were wonderfully attended.

We are also members of The Pas Arts Council.


We are also supportive of other groups as listed below:

Northern Gateway Community Chaplainacy

The Ministrial Association

Oscars Place

Anglican Council of the North

2 Girl Guides Groups

The Pas Beavers

AA Group

And many others


We are also the home for

Devon Mission Heritage Group

Devon Mission Heritage Museum

Devon Mission Heritage Preservation Project

Devon Mission 175th Anniversary Group

For more information on this group please visit their website at:  



We are looking at "The Future planning of other Community" help programs with the help of people.



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