This page is dedicated to our history.  There are many pictures, stories, memories, and links to other sites for sources in regards to the Devon Mission of 1840.  (Although this is the history we have, more research is being done and updates will be forthcoming)

Historical Pictures, Memorials, Stories, Etc.

Devon Mission of 1840 with Fort Defiance, Le Pas, NWT. (now The Pas, Manitoba)

The Reverend Henry Budd (Sr.)


Henry Budd, originally from Norway House, was one of the first Aboriginal Anglican ordained priests in North America.  Budd founded the Devon Mission on the banks of the Saskatchewan River in The Pas in 1840. Budd was also sent to found the Mission at Nepowowin in Saskatchewan and he initiated work in other Swampy Cree communities such as Moose Lake, Cedar Lake (Chemowowin, now Easterville) and Shoal River.  Budd returned to The Pas in 1867.  His faith sustained him through many personal tragedies and ill health.  He died on Easter Friday, April 2, 1875, the year before Treaty was made in The Pas and he is commemorated on this date in the calendar of the

Anglican Church of Canada.  His ministry exemplified team work and selfless dedication as he served in the areas of translation, agriculture, community development, catechesis, and evangelism.  Although he had learnt many Victorian ways, he was always sympathetic to the needs and language of his own people.

Some of our Community Connection


The Congregation of this church has been through many stages of growth and predates notable local milestones such as the arrival of the Canadian National Railway in 1907, and the incorportion of The Pas in 1912.  Three Anglican Church of Canada congregations in our area trace their roots to the Devon Mission of 1840 and the pioneering ministry of Henry Budd.

They are

  • Christ Church (The Pas)

  • Church of the Redeemer (Big Eddy)

  • Church of the Messiah (Opaskwayak Cree Nation). 

The Parish of Christ Church still continues to minister to the area First Nation, Metis, and Non-First Nation families who live in and around The Pas/OCN.


We have had the pleasure of celebrating our milestone anniversaries in 1940, 1965, and in 1990. 


We are also pround supporters of the                                                founded in 1980, and located at 403 Larose Ave in The Pas.  This College is carrying on the work of training for all forms of Christian ministry, especially in the First Nation context.  Several students have been ordained as Deacons and Priests since its humble beginnings.

Christ Church Buildings


The sketch on the left depicts our first home built in the 1840's, and photo on the right is our present home built in 1896.

The new church was built in 1896, while Reverend John Hines was the Missionary in our area.  All the original furnishings were moved in to the present Christ Church where they are still used and cared for today.

Holy Spirit pours out to all
Inside facing North
The Narthex
Pulpit and Reading desk
Our open door
Our Baptismal Font
Our Heritage plaque

Above is a small album of Pictures from the inside of our Church home.  Just click on any picture to expand the show.

Above is a small album of pictures of the Ministers that served in this fine area.  Some pictures are missing, and will be added as found.

Historical Location:


Devon Park, to the west of the bridge was originally an island where the school and teacherage stood.  The Indian Burial Ground to the west of the present Christ Church was the site of the original building.  Reverend Henry Budd's grave is clearly marked.  There is only one other headstone, that of a child.  Mrs Hunter's grave was beneath the original church, and is now marked by a wild rose bush.  Many other graves are in this area, and the cemetery has been declared full.  Permission was granted by the Vestry to inter the ashes of Canon Jack Ivey and layreader Ralph Mitchell on this site. 


                                              Memorials and Artifacts - Christ Church, The Pas:


Original Doors:  The original doors from the first building of Christ Church can be found at the                                    , located in the downtown core of The Pas, Manitoba.  This museum is also one of the town's main attractions, and it has a wonderful history in our Community as well.


Door Latch and Key:  Which are now also on display at the                                 , are believed to be from a Hudson's Bay Company ship (Sir Richardson Expedition) dating to the early 1800's.  Up unitl 2011, the latch and key were still used for the Riverside entrance of Christ Church.  With the new accessiblity needs, these doors were changed.  The door latch and key were still working in excellent order when they were retired.


Pews, Font and Railing, Pulpit and Prayer Desk:  All contain original woodwork of 1847.  The Pew ends are a fleur-de-lis, symbolizing Easter. The original stain was dark, and a pew end with the original dark natural wood-grain can be seen in the porch. They were made from local earth and resins and they became sticky in hot weather. At one stage, the seats were covered with oil cloth and in 1959, they were refinished with "Antiquing".  The pulpit was raised on a higher pedestal in the original church; the matching prayer desk was on loan to the Cathedral in Saskatoon from 1920's until its return in 1989.  The railing around the font is the original communion rail.  Other 1847 woodworking can also be found around the church.  This exquisite crafstmanship is truly a must-see part of any visit to our community.


Calendar:  An interesting feature on the back of the third pew on the right, entrering from the Riverside entrance of                                     , is a series of strikes and X's signifying four weeks. This helped the people keep track of when Sunday came as there were services each day of the week.  The X represents the Greek letter Chi, the first letter of "Christ" and is so used in the syllabic alphabet.


Plaques to Mrs. Hunter: This plaque was originally placed in the old church, which was built over the graves of Mrs. Hunter and her two infant children.When the new church was built, the plaque was relocated, with a second plaque noting the original location.


Sundial:  A sundial was given to Christ Church by Sir John Franklin when he travelled through this area in 1842, and it is now located in the                                               for display and safe-keeping.


4 Cree Wall Tablets (Panels):  These were made in England of wood and varnished canvas for the original Christ Church. They depict the Ten Commandments (2 of the tablets), The Lord's Prayer (1 of the tablets), and the Holy Eucharist (1 of the tablets), in Cree using a transliteration and "Roman orthography" rather than the Cree syllabics, suggesting an early date.  This is a project that has gained interest in the Devon Mission Heritage Group. During further investigation, it has been discovered that these "Tablets" were created by a woman in England, and were commissioned in 1836.  These Tablets required some restoration and preservation, which created the                                                                       .         .


Stained Glass Windows:  There are many stained glass windows that were donations to the memories of family members such as; "His Name was Called Jesus" in memory of H. Stanley Johnson (1874-1944) and Helen Shore (1875-1952);  "Be thou faithful unto death and will give thee a crown of life" in memory of Reginald Frederick Bagshaw (1904-1928); and "The Sower Soweth the Word" in memory of John Keddie (1858-1934), and Agnes Keddie (1860-1954).


Other Items:  There are many more items of historical interest, dating from even before the establishment of the Devon Mission of 1840.  Some of these items are from early 1800's right up to present day.  Although the more recent items may not be very old, they do play a part in the history of the Devon Mission and of the three churches that can be called the trinity of the Mission.  Some of these items commemorate prominent visitors to our Church, such as Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1969, and most recently The Right Honorable Mme. Adrienne Clarkson (former Governor General of Canada) in 2013.  We also have many other memorials, too numerous to mention here.  The wealth of history is truly worth a visit.  Should you find yourself in our community of                           , please contact us.



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