Your Wedding is a Special Time

What is Needed:



Both parties to a Christian marriage should be Baptized, and at least one of them be a regular attending worshipper in their own Parish.  If two persons, one of whom has not been Baptized, desire to be marries, the matter can be discussed, but the final decision rests with the Bishop of the Diocese of Brandon.

The intention here is to uphold the integrity of both the couple and the church before God.


Divorced Persons:

Divorced persons may be married in the Church but only when permission granted by the Bishop of the Diocese of Brandon.  The Minister will work through questions that are designed to assist the applicant(s) in the healing of past relationship and the strengthing of the present with due consideration of any children involved.  Together the Minister and the Couple will consult the Bishop of the Diocese of Brandon.  A wedding date can not be set prior to permission.  Please allow a time frame for this process of 3 to 6 months.


Place of Marriage:

The Canons of the Church encourage marriage to be solemnized in the Church facility, unless special permission is recieved by the Bishop of of the Diocese of Brandon.  Please allow 3 - 6 months for this process.



A license must be purchased no later then 2 full weeks before the intended date of your marriage and no earlier then 3 months.  It must be presented to the Minister one week prior to the wedding day.



Banns, will, according to the Canons of the church, be read only for those who are regular worshippers of thier church for at least the past 6 months.  The Church requires they be read on three consecutive Sundays in the Church or Churches of the Bride and Groom, with them present for the proclamation.  A fee is required by the Province of Manitoba for the Banns.


Order of Service:

Unless otherwise authorized by the Bishop of the Diocese of Brandon, the services of the Anglican Church of Canada are used.  The traditional service is found on pages 564 -571 in the Book of Common Prayer.  The contemprary service is found on pages 528 - 548 in the Book of Alternative Services.


The Congregation:

The Congregation, like the witnesses, is invited to participate fully in the service.  They are to assist you in the beginning of your marriage by thier prayers for you and by saying of the "Amens" and other parts of the service.  The Congregation and the witnesses are symbolic representatives of the Community and the whole Church.  Marriage is always a public affiar -- on in which the state and the church are vitally interested.



the witnesses must be 2 persons of adult age (18 +), usually one Best man and one Maid or Matron of Honour.  If those that are chosen are not of adult age, they may stand in their places of honour, however adult witnesses from the wedding party or the Congregation must be selected to sign as witnesses to the marriage.


The Holy Eucharist:

The Holy Eucharist is the central Sacrament of the worshipping comunity.  It is therefore appropriate, and ought to be considered, that communicant members of the Church include with the joyous celebration of their marriage, the celebration of the Lord's Supper. 



Please, No Confetti or Rice is to be used on the church property.  Bubbles are an excellant substitute; Please contact the Minister for other acceptable substitutes as well.


Video Recordings:

If Video recording of your wedding is desired, this may be done.  Please enquire with the Minister about this.



No public photos are permitted within the church once the service has begun in order to preserve this solemn moment in your life.  Please ask your friends to comply with this rule of Christ Church.  Public picture may be taken during the processional and the recessional.  Since the signing of the register takes place within the marriage service, general pictures are not encourage at that time.  However, following the service, the wedding party may re-enter the church and pose for any part of the service.  Please ask your photographer to consult with the Minister regarding any photos for official picture taking, up to 2 weeks prior of the wedding day.


Wedding Music:

The Minister would like to discuss all arrangements for music of your wedding.  Only music which fits the "Spirit" of the occassion is recommended.  In any event, the choice of music will be discussed during the course of your Pre-marriage Sessions.  Normally there are 3 or 4 selections: the processional, during the lighting of the wedding candle, during the signing of the register, and the recessional.  Appropriate CD's or other recorded music may be used provided, there is someone to operate the same. 



The purchase of flowers are the responsibility of the Bride and Groom.  Flowers at your wedding service are part of the real offering we make before God; therefore they should be real as well.  Once offered, flowers are to be left to the use of the Church in your name to help declare your wedding had taken place to all those that were unable to attend your wedding service.  This too can be discussed with the Minister.


Offerings of Thanks

Christ Church does not charge fees for its services; it is supported by the free-will offerings, donations and suggested Honorariums to continue in its Ministry.

The Organist is not paid by the parish for extra services; this is the responsibilty of the Bride and Groom.

Individuals often wish to make an expression of appreciatin.  The Minister policy is to use such honoraria as the Minister directs, and list of suggested

Couples are to drop off their donations to the office prior to rehearsal night.

Thank you.  May your wedding be the first step in a wondeful, life -long relatinship under the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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